PUSIO.13 Vehicle


The Track Motor Car PUSiO.06 is a self-propelled vehicle designed for repairing and mainte-nance of the catenary line and lines of non-traction needs, suspended from the traction struc-tures and transverse suspensions of the contact lines. It also allows working at catenary line sup-porting structures located within 4 m from the track axle. An isolated stationary platform, rotat-ing platform and the hydraulic crane are used for working at heights. Furthermore, the vehicle has the devices necessary for working at the catenary lines: pantograph with measuring system and a catenary line lifting roller. The vehicle has a propulsion system which accelerates it up to 80 km/h. Control of the vehicle can be done from consoles located in both cabins.


Track gauge 1435mm (1520mm, 1668mm)
Total length 16060 mm
Distance between axles 7890mm
Height 4650mm
Engine power 200 kW
Maximum speed 80 km/h
Driving from both control cabins
Towing weight at V=60km/h 40 t
Railway safety equipment DSD, automatic braking system for trains, recorder, RS (train radio system with radio-stop function)

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